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This leading startup in Australia deals in a wide range of home & office furniture. It is preferred for affordable prices & high-quality furniture it offers, including ergonomic office chairs, meeting tables, bookcases, & storage cabinets. Moreover, it can deliver products in an expedited manner because of its nationwide range of warehouses.

Though it offers an extensive range of home & office furniture, its hold in the Australian e-commerce market hasn’t always been the same. Without a proper digital platform, it was an uphill battle. In addition to that, new furniture stores emerged now & then and gave this store a tough competition.

We are living in an era where we do not like waiting on things. Be it pizza or the latest mobile; we want our products to get to us expeditiously. This truth of ever-growing on-demand expectations applies to furniture stores as well.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s an increased demand for home-delivery of daily-use office & home furniture. People prefer to avail themselves services of the stores that offer home-delivery functionality. And, the lack of an efficient e-commerce platform lead to numerous challenges for this furniture store:

  • With the world brought to a still in the ongoing covid pandemic, understanding ever-changing customer preferences & meeting their expectations became an arduous task.
  • The store had to attend to numerous calls & visitors who would enquire about the product availability, prices, deals & discounts. Meeting people in person was time-consuming & exhausting.
  • The startup lacked an online portfolio to showcase its products, deals & storefronts to reach a broader customer spectrum.
  • It lacked addressing the customer’s queries instantly, leading to customer dissatisfaction & losing their loyalty.
  • The unorganized & offline management of orders increased paperwork & impacted the efficiency of delivery executives. It led to miscommunications between the warehouses & agents. Also, it was challenging to access the customers’ information instantly from volumes of paperwork.
  • The chances of miscommunications between warehouses & customers increased.


  • A common online platform for showcasing home & office furniture
  • Display products range, prices, features & availability to customers
  • Create a web presence to be able to reach customers across Australia
  • Provide on-time delivery of furniture across Australia
  • Reduce the paperwork & employ the usage of website features
  • Provide instant support to customers via Live Chat & call
  • Allowing customers to place bulk orders & refer to the store’s information


While this furniture startup faced a hard time extending its business frontiers in Australia, the expertise of HybrisWorld transformed its overall dealing with customers & showcasing its products.

The proficient HybrisWorld team drafted & designed a personalized e-commerce website for this leading startup in Australia. The technology used to set up the store is Shopify – a leading commerce platform designed to complement businesses of all sizes.

The e-commerce website acted as a boon for this leading startup, enhancing its overall operations & dealing with customers. The personalization of the website allowed this store to display its extensive range of products remarkably & rendering the customers a hassle-free shopping experience.


HybrisWorld understands the ever-growing need for a well-built e-commerce platform to reach a more comprehensive section of prospective customers. Owning an e-commerce website developed by HybrisWorld enabled this startup to display its vast array of products & create an intriguing web presence. As a result, a significant number of customers navigate to the website every day for their furniture needs.

  • The personalized e-commerce website developed by HybrisWorld allows this startup to list & showcase its extensive array of office & home furniture, such as chairs, lockers, tables, accessories & pet products.
  • Displaying product availability, deals, discounts & offers became a layman’s task. The added feature of bulk orders allows wholesalers & customers in Australia to place orders for desired products in large quantities.
  • The site enabled the dedicated team of this leading startup to work efficiently & assist the customers in selecting & buying the products via Live Chat functionality & call, thereby increasing customer satisfaction & earning their loyalty in the long-run.
  • It has enhanced interaction internally with the team & externally with the customers.
  • The website serves as a platform to convey the web store’s experience, the extensive array of products & testimonials of old customers, thereby establishing the trust of the new visitors & turning them into customers.
  • Owning a website has enabled this leading furniture store to give the customers a reason to turn to for their home & office supplies requirements.

“The development of the personalized e-commerce website brought a drastic change in the way we connect with our customers & deliver our services. We have observed tremendous growth in web traffic, sales & profits of our online & offline business. In a year, the usage of our e-commerce website resulted in increased revenue by approximately $———. The website also expanded our coverage in Australia & increased efficiency of discounts & deals offered by us.”

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