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This leading automobile products & parts industry is known for extending a helping hand to its customers across Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region. It is lauded for owning over 400 offline stores run by a staff of around 4000 members. The overwhelming car care deals, in-car tech deals & numerous DIY car deals made it earn customers’ trust across these regions, making it one of Australia’s iconic automotive aftermarkets. In addition to that, it provides car parts & products, tools & equipment to a huge array of retailers, wholesalers, & workshops across Australia.

However, the story hasn’t always been like this. Making a noticeable space in the digital realm was an uphill battle for this auto parts store. In today’s highly competitive virtual realm, it is crucial to keep pace with technological advancements. And failing to do so may strike you out of the race.

This automobile industry faced a hard time connecting with wholesalers, garage & workshop owners effectively because of the lack of a common platform. Conveying product catalogues, live pricing, deals & discounts to workshops was quite demanding. The industry had to attend to numerous visitors every now & then enquiring about product availability, product price & discounts, & nearest store location.

The wholesalers, workshops & garage owners had to refer to the phone directories to locate the contact details of suppliers in their locality. They had to make offline enquiries & visit local suppliers for quoting price & inventory. Moreover, the car parts & products were available only for a limited number of vehicles from the local suppliers.

Failing to get the car parts & products on time hampered the productivity of the workshops & impacted their efficiency & sales, causing customer dissatisfaction.

The growing demand for car parts & competition in the market demanded an innovative way of representing their industry. That’s precisely where the expertise of HybrisWorld sprang into action. The technology experts at HybrisWorld crafted an SAP Hybris website for a seamless B2B Business for this automobile industry. And, the outcome is remarkable!


  • Present product catalogues, deals & offers, campaigns & live pricing in an impressive way.
  • Improve workshops’ efficiencies by providing them vehicle parts & products, tools & equipment in one place.
  • Maximize the productivity & profitability of the businesses
  • Enable workshops & wholesalers locate the nearest stores
  • Ease the communication with wholesalers and workshop & garage owners.
  • Enhance interaction between workshop owners & customers


The extensively experienced technology experts from HybrisWorld curated a customized digital solution for this leading automobile industry in Australia.

Here is a summary of the SAP Hybris Implementation that remarkably improved this industry’s interaction with the wholesalers, workshop owners & garage owners:

  • Technology that powers the back-end services is SAP Hybris
  • The cloud service employed to power the website development is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The development of this digital solution by HybrisWorld experts has transformed the overall operations of this automobile company & the way it interacts with retailers, wholesalers, workshops & garage owners. This common platform enabled the workshops to check the availability of the vehicle products & parts and various deals & discounts offered by the industry.


The SAP Hybris Implementation by the skilled team of technology experts at HybrisWorld has benefitted this automobile industry in various ways. It has enabled the industry to spread its wings in the digital realm & create a distinctive presence. It has empowered them to combat the present-day competition both in the online & offline market.

  • This digital workshop solution eases the interaction between the industry & wholesalers, workshop owners.
  • It promotes effective communication of the industry & its team members.
  • With an overwhelming range of car products & parts available at one place, the performance & profitability of the workshops increases.
  • It helps workshops in providing the correct information about inventory to their customers for a better customer experience.
  • It saves time & increases customer engagement at workshops of various sizes across Australia.
  • It enables the workshops to access live inventory from multiple locations, even when the stores are closed.
  • Workshops can easily look for previous invoices & reprint them as per the requirement.

“We have managed to be the most iconic aftermarket automotive store because of the digital workshop solutions provided by HybrisWorld. Handling interactions with our vast array of retailers, wholesalers & workshop owners wasn’t easy. However, SAP Hybris has been a boon to us, enabling us to ease our communication & present our catalogues, deals & offers in a remarkable way. We give them an excellent platform to locate all that they need from their nearest store.”

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