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Every day this top-notch automobile industry provides aftermarket automotive parts & accessories to its customers across Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific. With an extensive inventory of high-quality automobile parts & products, it renders overwhelming car care deals, DIY deals, and in-car tech deals.

Though it offers a myriad of automobile-related services, creating a beguiling reputation in the digital retail space was a tough grind. Moreover, new automobile industries springing up now and then made navigating to the prospective customers more challenging. It became cumbersome to have visibility into leads & keep up the effectiveness of campaigns. Tackling the ever-growing competition became baffling for the marketers of this e-commerce store.

Not only this, the enormous technological developments coupled with continuous rise in the customers’ demands called for a reinvention of ways of getting things done.

That’s exactly where the expertise of HybrisWorld was implemented to help this automobile industry automate its marketing efforts. And, the results are outstanding!


  • Enhance marketing effectiveness to impact customers
  • Reach out to the targeted customer section efficiently
  • Enrich the online experience of customers, especially mobile users
  • Optimize the website for faster load times & seamless checkout
  • Provide customers easy access to high-quality Vehicle parts & accessories


While this automobile industry struggled with creating an eye-catching digital presence amongst the mobile users, the prowess of HybrisWorld brought about an unrivaled transformation.

The highly talented technology experts at HybrisWorld curated a personalized progressive web application (PWA) for this renowned auto parts store in Australia.

Here’s a summary of PWA Development that incredibly enhanced the web experience it renders to the customers:

  • The structural framework used to build PWA is Angular JS
  • The back-end services featured SAP Hybris.
  • The cloud platform that powered the PWA Development is Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The search engine that is being leveraged is Bloomreach.
  • Analytics Services are taken care of by Adobe Analytics.

Since the development of PWA, the marketing of this automobile industry has revolutionized its overall web influence on targeted audiences in Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region. The on-demand professional services by HybrisWorld enabled personalization & optimization of its website to reach a more significant number of mobile users, rendering them a hassle-free browsing experience.


HybrisWorld understands the ins & outs of online marketing & reaching out to a wider section of the audience. Implementing a Progressive Web Application developed by HybrisWorld added mobile-friendly functionality to their website, enabling them to create a beguiling web presence. It helped them navigate to a greater audience & present their business deals & offers in the most remarkable way. The user engagement grew exponentially, making them the iconic brand name in Australia.

In a year, the execution of PWA resulted in a revenue impact of approximately $——. The initiatives led to an increase in communications between seller & customers by —-%. Further, it helped the courier partner drivers & delivery executives to easily trace & track the customer’s locations & deliver the car products & parts.

“We experienced tremendous growth in the page views, web traffic, inbound leads & confirmed sales. We were able to expand our audience coverage with PWA Developed by HybrisWorld. Moreover, we realized the dramatic gains in the efficiency of discounts, offers & product campaigns run by us.”

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