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This renowned online taxation company has a history of proven & quality taxation services for over 10 years in India. It caters to income tax e-filing requirements of businesses & individuals at affordable prices. The extensive list of services offered includes PAN/TAN Application, Vendor Application, Income Tax Return, Business Registrations, GST Registration, & Digital Signature Certificate.

Over the years, this company has emerged as a trusted business partner for numerous organizations & individuals in India. However, this trust wasn’t established overnight.

Before having a fixed & appropriate online platform for businesses & customers, this taxation company faced numerous challenges to emerge as a reliable name amongst other taxation companies.

The company lacked a common platform to showcase its wide range of taxation services, leading to a disability to reach out to prospective businesses & clients. It had to arrange in-person meetings with clients who would make offline enquiries about taxation services & sought the company’s help. In-person meetings & enquiries made the entire taxation filing & other services tedious & time-consuming.

The offline process required procuring the hard copies of the necessary documents to avail of various services. This increased the possibility of misplacing & losing the procured documents, leading to customer dissatisfaction & forfeit their trust. Such unfortunate events diminished the positives of clients revisiting the company for their tax filing requirements.

Amidst these challenges, HybrisWorld acted as a lifeboat for this taxation firm & curated a personalized B2B & B2C Portal to help it render quality services. The outcome testifies the effectiveness & productivity of the portal development by HybrisWorld.


  • To have a common online business portfolio & showcase its experience & extensive services
  • To assure accurate & hassle-free taxation filings
  • To procure the client’s confidential documents safely
  • To keep the worries of misplacing & losing the documents at bay
  • To promote an efficient & effective way of rendering taxation services
  • To reduce the number of in-person meetings with clients
  • To increase the efficiency of team members, enabling them to work remotely
  • To instantly address the queries/doubts of the clients for excellent customer satisfaction
  • To improve communication with the businesses & individuals.
  • To gain a competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive digital realm.


HybrisWorld assigned a team of proficient technology experts to develop a B2B & B2C portal for this leading online taxation company.

Listed below is a summary of the B2B/B2C Portal Development that incredibly helped this company to extend its business frontiers:

  • The website framework has been developed using .NET MVC.
  • The cloud service employed to power this portal’s development is Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The analytics services are taken care of by Google Analytics..
  • The email delivery services are powered by SendGrid.

The exclusively designed B2B & B2C Portal for this renowned India-based taxation company has led to a series of developments in the ways this industry carries out its day-to-day operations. It added efficiency to their services & increased the productivity of the team members. Let us see how this portal benefitted the online taxation company.


The experienced technology experts at HybrisWorld are acquainted with the intricacies of having a customized online taxation portal for businesses & individuals. Therefore, to help this firm combat the ever-growing challenges & competitions, the experts curated a personalized web portal.

  • The B2B & B2C portal development enabled this taxation company to step into the digital realm & expand the horizon of its taxation services.
  • It has provided an enthralling platform to showcase its extensive services to corporates & individuals across India.
  • Procuring & managing the documents for various taxation & registration services was made easy. The chances of misplacing & losing the documents were minimized, thus enhancing the security of data & information received.
  • Having a meticulously designed website established the trust of the clients. It gives the clients a reason to revisit for availing themselves of various services. Moreover, it provides the firm to have a competitive gain in today’s cutthroat digital realm.
  • The multifarious features of the web portal eased the day-to-operations & improved the efficiency of the employees.
  • The web portal helps in rendering quality & customized taxation services that complement all business sizes & models.

“The B2B & B2C Portal has enabled us to manage our interactions with corporations & individuals in India efficiently. It has empowered us to implement our experience & expertise to render quality online taxation services to prospective clients. We have been providing an extensive range of services effectively through this enthralling web portal.”

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