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This renowned automobile industry in Australia caters to car products & parts requirements of customers in Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region. It provides overwhelming in-car tech deals, car care & DIY deals of its vast array of auto parts inventory.

However, it is worth noting that we are living in the age of on-demand expectations where we do not prefer to wait on things, be it pizza or the latest electronic gadget. We want things to be delivered to our doorsteps expeditiously. The otherwise situation leaves us restless, worried & dissatisfied.

The same truth applies to delivering automobile products & parts to prospective customers. The fear of contracting the deadly Covid-19 Virus increased the demand for home-delivery of DIY Car Products such as spare parts, tools, engine oil, batteries & various in-car tech accessories. However, the lack of an efficient delivery management system arrived with numerous challenges.

  • Meeting on-demand expectations of customers & understanding ever-changing customers’ preferences became an arduous task.
  • The unstructured delivery network & lack of accurate customer location information caused a delay in delivering the products. It made delivery executives call customers time & again to know their exact address, thus leaving customers unhappy & dissatisfied.
  • The improper delivery management system adversely impacted the productivity of delivery executives & courier partner drivers by causing them to pick random packages & take longer routes. It would further increase the consumption of fuel, thereby leading to unnecessary expenses for the industry.
  • Delay in reaching out to customers with their packages led to customer dissatisfaction, making it a challenge to retain customers.
  • Delivery lists increased paperwork, which resulted in the wastage of huge amounts of paper. These error-ridden spreadsheets can result in potential miscommunications between the delivery agents & delivery hub/company resulting in unnecessary losses.

To counteract these challenges, HybrisWorld developed a customized Delivery Management Application for this Australia-based automobile industry. And the outcome is phenomenal.


  • Provide on-time delivery of products to customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction & retain their loyalty for long-term
  • Render super-quick, convenient & affordable delivery service
  • Provide an optimized route for delivering products on time
  • Improving delivery executives productivity
  • Real-time tracking of delivery personnel to customers’ place & back to the operational hub
  • Empower delivery executives to complete the orders proficiently
  • Making lesser to no calls to the customers for a seamless experience
  • Save fuel & paper by providing the most optimal delivery route on executives’ Android or iOS devices.


HybrisWorld recognized the ever-growing need for a proper delivery management system for this automobile industry. With the help of its highly talented technology experts, HybrisWorld crafted an exclusive Delivery Management App to meet the on-demand expectations of their customers.

Our thoroughly created delivery management solution helped them leave a lasting imprint on their customers by letting them deliver the orders on time & meeting customers’ on-demand expectations.

Here’s a summary of the Delivery Management App developed by experts at HybrisWorld:

  • The structural framework used to build the App is Flutter. It is an open-source renowned software development kit (SDK) used to develop mobile applications.
  • The developed Delivery Management App runs on both Android & iOS platforms..
  • The back-end services of the app featured SAP Hybris.(AWS).
  • The cloud platform used to power the app is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our innovative delivery management app transformed the way this automobile company interacts with its customers across Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region. It enabled the courier partner drivers & delivery executives to take up an optimized delivery route, thus saving time, fuel & energy. The availability of precise customers’ location diminishes the chances of calling the customers, thereby rendering them a completely hassle-free experience in acquiring their orders.


The Delivery Management App developed by the proficient team at HybrisWorld comes loaded with numerous advantages that help in surviving the present-day competition in the digital realm. This app is the master key to all delivery-related issues. It empowers this automobile industry to drop the orders at customers’ place on time & develop a strong relationship with them.

  • The Delivery Management App Development by HybrisWorld streamlined order delivery processes & automated the workflow. It further provided improved visibility into the delivery team’s day-to-day operations.
  • The app creates an optimized delivery route for the delivery partners based on traffic conditions & location proximity. This enables them to cover all the drops in a specific location & then move to the next one in the shortest time possible.
  • Monitoring the whereabouts of delivery executives became easy as it gives real-time information based on the employees’ mobile GPS.
  • The app gave other detailed analytical information like total distance traveled, time of delivery, & time taken to deliver the product.
  • Communication between the industry & delivery executives became easy & grew efficient by automating the workflow.
  • Managing the orders became easy with end-to-end delivery operation visibility. Moreover, it helped in scheduling the order pick-up & delivery and assigning responsibilities to the delivery fleet.
  • The delivery management app encouraged a professional approach to improving communication with the customers. The lesser the calls, the happier the customer will be. As soon as the order reaches the nearest hub, the customer is notified to expect the delivery in a day or two, with details of the estimated delivery day & time so that he can be available at the shipping address.
  • There’s no better way of earning your customers’ loyalty than delivering their orders on time. The delivery management system helps in expediting the delivery process & reaching out to customers in split seconds, which ultimately results in customer satisfaction & retention.

“The Delivery Management App Development by HybrisWorld worked remarkably & helped us save time by making faster deliveries to our customers. It incredibly streamlined the delivery processes & automated the workflow. It further helped us to track our performance over time & realize the growth in our customers & revenue.”

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