DevOps is based on three major concepts- continuous improvement or integration, contentious deployment, and contentious delivery. With the proper implementation of these theories, you can streamline the entire software development life cycle process, starting from developing codes to their deployment in the production environment.

What is the CI/CD pipeline?

The CI/CD pipeline is an orchestrated workflow that combines all actions of the SDLC into a single operation to ensure accurate coding, end-to-end testing, and faster code deployment. This is one of the latest agile methodologies that is helping organizations to cut down both time and cost of traditional SDLC methods.

To organize and streamline the entire CI/CD pipeline, one needs to use several tools to help one set up the entire process with ease.

Top CI/CD Tools


One of the topmost CI/CD tools being used is the Jenkins platform. It is an open-source, java-based tool with all the libraries and packages required for running on multiple OS. You can extend this tool using several in-built plugins.


  • It can be updated easily on different OS.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Can help configure different types of environments
  • Expression-based schedules can be created with ease


TeamCity can be used with different projects to streamline the CI/CD pipelines. It is a java-based platform that can be integrated with several IDEs. Its native integration with GitLab further helps developers or DevOps professionals deliver codes and improve them continuously.


  • Settings and configurations of parent projects can be modified for child projects
  • Builds for different environments can be processed simultaneously
  • Server properties can be extended through plugins


CircleCI is well-known for automation features that help reduce both efforts and time taken for SDLC. It can be easily integrated with other pipelines and source code repositories. You can also use it on both cloud and on-premise infrastructure.


  • It can be orchestrated using both virtual machine and container host servers
  • Offers a quick and reliable platform for testing
  • Helps personalize IM notifications
  • Allows branch dependent code deployment


One of the best CI/CD tools several organizations use is GitLab. It is integrated with Git’s source code repository. Build triggers, test runs, and code deployment are some of the major functions of this platform.


  • Has branching tools to help develop codes for different functionalities
  • Helps in automating several stages of SDLC
  • Comes with static application security testing and container scanning features for debugging


Helping in both continuous delivery and integration, Bamboo helps process the entire process of software development life cycle.


  • Allows the usage of 100 agents for remote build
  • Runs test batches for different environments parallel
  • Can deploy codes to other environments even when the production repository has been locked
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